LiveSource Thrilled To Partner With Stadium Status Agency


LiveSource, LLC is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Stadium Status Agency (“SSA”). SSA will utilize our in-the-moment mobile auction platform for the true purpose it was created, charity. Prior to and during various charity events run by SSA, starting with the Tyrann Mathieu & Friends Celebrity Kickball Game, supporters will be able to bid on and win unique items and experiences and those funds will support the athlete foundations and their charitable endeavors.

“During the Tyrann Mathieu Celebrity Kickball Game and at our other athlete charity events, now supporters will be able to participate in auctions by placing bids from their seats, simply using their phones, never missing a moment of the action. Now whenever an auctionable item or experience is presented to us, whether in advance or even during an event, we can react and create auctions instantly. We are excited to see the LiveSource app lead to increases in the contributions we are able to make to the various charitable organizations that our athlete foundations support in their communities,” said TJ Smith, SSA Co-CEO.

“Charity is the glue that binds LiveSource,” said Scott F. Levin, founder of LiveSource. “We conceived that LiveSource would be the perfect solution for athlete and sports related foundations. These groups spend so much time and effort trying to secure quality auction items before an event. But then once the athletes are there having fun and willing to help, organizations can’t react by creating auctions in-the-moment. With LiveSource, Stadium Status Agency and its partners will have the most powerful auction software in their corner, and the benefits will be enormous. We can’t wait to get things kicked off starting with the upcoming Tyrann Mathieu & Friends Celebrity Kickball Game, no pun intended.”

Founded in 2016 by Scott F. Levin, LiveSource is a mobile auction app and website that facilitates in-the-moment auctions and raffles before, during and after events. LiveSource is designed to benefit athlete and entertainer foundations. The LiveSource platform gives fans in attendance and at home the ability to bid on items and experiences that become available during an event. Bidding, winning, payment and delivery is all facilitated on mobile devices through the LiveSource app and website. Foundations receive the proceeds directly and can disperse the charity revenue without delay.

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