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LiveSource Auction Recap

LiveSource App was live Saturday night (3/25/18) at the Tyrann Mathieu Kickball Classic. It was incredible to see the power of LiveSource work so well. There were a ton of LSU Football stars and rappers and entertainers there to play in the game and support Tyrann. They gathered in the locker room 30 minutes before gametime. […]

In-Game Auction Recap For Dallas Stars: Up To 220% More Bids & Revenue

We’d like to give our readers yet another real life case study to demonstrate that the key to successful sports auctions is to present the opportunities live during events. The way we define success is two fold: (1) Getting the most bids and (2) Generating the most revenue. If you share similar objectives, please continue […]

LiveSource Auction Recap: Higher Revenue & Fan Engagement

Let’s take a look at a real life case study which demonstrates that live auctions conducted through the LiveSource platform during sporting events produce the most fan engagement and highest revenue.   LiveSource Auction Event Recap – University of San Diego Spring Football Game: Higher Revenue & Fan Engagement On March 17, 2018, University of San […]

Show Me The Money. Live Event Auctions Produce The Most Money

In our two previous articles, we discussed how being able to strike at the precise moment when a customer’s – or potential customer’s – passion in and interest for the product is so important. We also saw detailed evidence of just how effective live auctions are – not just in theory but in the way […]

Presenting Opportunities In-The-Moment Is The Key To Auction Success

The Key To Successful Sports Auctions? Simply Create In-The-Moment Opportunities Being there in the moment is key to getting the most out of our lives. You don’t need me to tell you that it is also crucial when it comes to running a profitable business. Having the right product is only one piece in the […]
LiveSource app user bidding on auctions

Highlighting A Few Totally Unique LiveSource Features

LiveSource would like to announce some important enhancements to our services as well as to generally highlight the key features of our platform. LiveSource is the most trusted in-game auction platform for professional sports and entertainment.  The LiveSource App was created to enhance the fan experience during live sporting and entertainment events. Our idea is that […]
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